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Registration for the courses of the
Circo Fortuna
season 2022 - 2023

(valid for 1 or more cycles during the 2022-2023 school year)

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Specify course and fill in personal data

via al Nido 15, SM Besso Gym

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Via San Maurizio 4, Gymnasium SE

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Via alla Chiesa 4

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Lugano-Besso, via al Nido 15 and Bioggio, via San Maurizio 4

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I confirm that I have read and accepted both the registration info and theprovisionslisted in the official form (official documentBoys/adults).

I also confirm that the member is personally insured against accidents and RC and that in the event of damage or injury, even to third parties, his personal insurance is liable (valid for the entire 2022-2023 season). Circo Fortuna does not cover these risks.

Photo and video release:

During the school year, photographs will be taken or short films will be recorded which may be published on our information channels or in the media. If anyone does not agree, please communicate it by sending an email toinfo @ circofortunaat the time of registration and which validation must have received a written confirmation from us. Otherwise we read the silence as a tacit agreement to the publication and it is valid as a release.

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