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For 25 years movement, improvisation, joy, creativity, individuality.

Circo Fortuna was founded in January 1997 with the aim of passing on the knowledge and pleasure of circus arts, movement and theatricality and welcomes children, youth and adults of all ages.

It offers circus school, after-school activities, performances, summer and day camps, circus projects in schools, animations, as well as wellness and health courses.

Circus Fortuna offers an opportunity to experience creativity, stimulating and cultivating the imagination. Through the different forms of balancing, juggling, aerial disciplines (trapeze, hoop, aerial fabric and rope), acrobatics, unicycling and clowning, the young person discovers and enhances his or her talents in a joyful and innovative way. Through the pursuit of stage presence, theatricality, comedy and dance he gives value to his personality on a journey to discover his own potential.

Experimenting with new forms of expression, we let ourselves be surprised each time by the results and turn them into a cheerful and colorful show that we offer to an audience of all ages open to share the enthusiasm and happiness that a smile and the magic of the circus give.

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